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The platform enables to search for contacts in order to establish cooperation consisting of:

Promoting  scientific thinking among foreign universities, technology transfer centres, hubs and startups, public and private companies;

Facilitating searches for potential partners among universities, companies and business environment institutions in Catalonia and all the European Union;

Search by economy and scientific areas; through potential partners and work on to create new technologies and business activity;

Find international partners, Grow your project, company, idea, and expand abroad, find the technology you need to drive innovation in your business;


Manufacture or distribute your products, access to new markets, participate in international matchmaking and trade events,  meetings and missions

Welcome to, the platform where you will meet experts who will lead you through international cooperation and technology commercialization process, find startups and innovative business opportunities. If you are an entrepreneur, scientist, person who wants cooperate beyond the borders here you will find support, knowledge and network of contacts that will become your constant help on your way to the future.  By joining our platform you will accelerate your ideas, business and innovation projects appearing into the international market. Stop searching and put your feet in front of global cooperation world!

Catalan and Polish universities and business partners joined their forces so they can together launch new projects in European countries. The joint platform links the potential partners from business, universities [NGO] and public administration side. The project is subsequently governed by Catalan-Polish chamber of Science and Economy and Global Exact S.L. (the company that provides services to different business fields in countries such as Spain, Poland, Bulgaria, France, Israel, UK),   leading University and Spanish NGO and companies from Catalonia. The platform acts like a melting pot of new innovative ideas, bright minds, efficient information flow and mutual commitment. It is a place that connects both sides cultures and customs, merging the best features from both.

With the Patronage of:

Universities on the way to internationalization and one of the horizontal policies of the European Union Life Long Community will respond to the needs of the economy – so they can implement scientific technologies and innovations directly into the economy.

In order to facilitate the communication of our all participants, leading information about the platform will be given in four language versions, however the search engine, descriptions of paths of career, projects, the technologies and researches will be published in English.

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