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The use of plastic raw materials when converting is very important for several reasons: environmental sustainability, raw materials costs, break down production, energy costs, operators, and lower production.

Although employees involved the production process take care, there are additives which can help not only to decrease the scrap production but to solve all the other problems described above as well.

There are Purging Compounds for plastic and colour change to eliminate bursts, flashes and black points stuck inside the injection or extrusion moulding machines, screws, etc. To eliminate these specks of dirt will bring fine production but from time to time will come out same unexpected specks of dirt when on standard production in the case to use a wrong Purging Compound.

Purging Compound agents cannot be abrasive otherwise will waste screws, moulds, hot-runners. A good Purging Compound must work by chemical reaction, guaranteed and allowed to be used in special production áreas, i.e. food, cosmetic, pharmacy, surgery, etc

With our Purging Compound ULTRA PLAST, converters, will reduce their cleaning time for injection moulding or extrusión machines as well as moulds/hot-runners in only one third of the usual time and scrap production will not be higher than 20% of the usual scrap produced comparing usage of other methods as our Purging Compounds cleans at the time screw and hot runners. In fact, cleaning time will be smaller, fewer energy costs, less scrap production, fewer operators time and higher production level as you will reduce your economic cleaning time.

In this picture, you can see how our Purring Compound ULTRA PLAST works during colour change for mineral water preforms production. From dark green to crystal transparent.

Of course, each production site or different thermoplastic raw grade involves a different Purging Compound as each material works at a different temperature. A precise information tailored for each production can be given by knowing specific data of the production to carry out.

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