Gras Clinical Services & Research


Gras Clinical Services & Research is a company created by Montserrat Gras Graupera devoted to medical research and promoting new medical technologies and ideas and prophylaxis of vector borne diseases- mostly Lyme disease and malaria.   

Gras Clinical Services & Research includes the department devoted to research, Gras Clinical Services & Research Publishing House, Centrum Dr Ozimek– medical center and Medical by By Gras – service promoting healthy style of life and Internet shop. 

Many of our projects are new, innovative, safe technologies that may be used in diagnostic and therapeutic startegies. 

We are working on diagnostic and therapeutic schemes concerning the correlations between parasitic, bacterial, fungal and viral infections and autoimmune diseases, especially focused on autoimmune allergic, neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders.

We are looking for potential partners among universities, companies and business environment institutions to promote our cientific ideas, promote the new therapeutic schemes and develop existing technologies.




Montserrat Gras Graupera - Clinical Services & Research
al. Wilanowska 93/8
02-765 Warszawa (Warsaw) Poland
NIP: 113-021-68-45
REGON: 015332207



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