Innovation Centre to manage Green Power Laboratory



On 13th October 2014, an agreement was signed between The Maritime University of Szczecin, represented by the Rector Prof. Stanisław Gucma, Master Mariner, DSc. PhD. Eng. and MUS Innovation Centre LLC, represented by its CEO Konrad Frontczak.

The scope of the agreement was the appointment of the Operator for Green Power Laboratory i.e. an entity to manage commercialisation of the Lab so as to enable conducting research commissioned by external parties in the area of quality evaluation of energy produced from renewable sources and in other similar areas. The lab is innovative as it combines different power systems, generators in particular, and enables analysing their mutual impact on the power produced and transmitted. Its significant advantage is also a Mobile Diagnostics Station which allows carrying out on-site examinations in wind power plants (!).

Research infrastructure of a research institution being managed by an external entity instead of a state-financed university is still a novelty in Poland. In the region of West Pomerania the solution has never been tested. Yet, the advantages are numerous, for instance, faster and more efficient services provided to a business interested in putting the lab’s potential to use. In our opinion, research infrastructure that is being built should not only foster scientific progress but also be valuable to Polish industry.

The Laboratory of Green Power provides, inter alia, the following services:

  • on-site examination of working conditions of power generating appliances and evaluation of their technical condition (mobile diagnostics station)
  • research in the field of creating and applying new algorithms for slip-ring motors
  • research on power quality improvement
  • impact analysis of electromagnetic interference on modern control methods
  • research on issues related to the timing and distribution of active and reactive power
  • research into effects of interference from power generators and converters (THD)
  • reliability tests of a circuit breaker
  • indication analysis of current and voltage transformers
  • impact analysis of electromagnetic interference caused by the proximity of low-voltage grids

Selection of the operator was conducted in the form of public tender pursuant to Art. 701 of the Civil Code.








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