Laboratory of Photochemistry and Optical Spectroscopy


Laboratory of Photochemistry and Optical Spectroscopy
Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology
Cracow University of Technology


Design and synthesis of new photoinitiators dedicat-ed for cationic, free-radical and hybrid photopolym-erization. The research are performed to improve the speed of the curing processes of polymer coatings by developing innovative polymerization photoinitia-tors having a very better parameters than those al-ready used in industry. The search for more effective initiators are fully justified from the practical point of view in industry photocurable polymer coatings.

The search for new luminescent molecular sensors for the innovative Fluorescence Probe Technology (FPT) that may be successfully applied in coatings industry. Design and synthesis of new luminescent probes, based on organic compounds and also complexes of rare-earth metal cations. Spectrophotometric study of the compounds in the role of luminescent probes for monitoring chemical reactions, such as photopolymerization reactions, by FPT method. The performance of the newly developed luminescent probes are investigated both in free radical and cationic polymerization. Lumines-cent probes are tested under real photopolymeriza-tion conditions, used in industry for production of polymer coating.

Develop of new materials for applications in indus-tries where light is used, such as the electronics industry (materials for photolithography), in industry photosensitive materials (for optical storage of digi-tal information, phototherapy), the lighting industry (to modern sources of light, photoelectric sensors).

The area of cooperation with:

  • polygraphic industry (printing inks, adhesives, transparent top-coats or varnishes, etc)
  • furniture makers (polymer-based furniture coatings)
  • automobile industry (automotive lacquers and paints)
  • electronic industry (various electroluminescent devices, such as OLEDS, or integrated circuits packaging)
  • optoelectronic industry (photovoltaic devices, and devices used for imaging and information transfer)
  • and in general all other branches of industry, where polymer coatings are used.



Joanna Ortyl PhD Eng.
ul. Warszawska 24
31-155 Krakow, Poland


Phone: +48 12 628 31 36

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