Laboratory of Precision Unconventional Machining


Laboratory of Precision Unconventional Machining
Institute of Production Engineering
Cracow University of Technology


The Laboratory of Precision Unconventional Ma-chining operates since 2008 and specializes in research in the field of unconventional manufac-turing technologies (loss and additive). In this area we are focused on electrochemical and electrodischarge machining, precise laser ma-chining of difficult to cut materials and hybrid manufacturing processes. The Laboratory is equipped with: electrochemical and electrodis-charge micro-machine tool, DPSS Nd:YAG laser to machine diamond, PCD and other hard and brittle materials and hybrid – micro lathe. This specialized equipment is especially adapted for mezo- and micromachining and was designed and developed by Laboratory personnel.

Our highly qualified research team have many years of experience in research on unconven-tional machining methods. The Laboratory personnel cooperates with institutes in the whole Poland and in the world. The coopera-tion with Universities i.e. Warsaw Technical University or Magdeburg University in Germany mainly concerns mathematical modelling, process simulation and research in the field of unconventional manufacturing technolo-gies (especially electrochemical and electro-discharge machining). Our scientific activity
concerns also local and worldwide cooperation with industrial partners at scope of feasibil-ity studies, development of processes and technologies as well as technological advise.

We look for partners to participate in joint projects in following fields:

  • Precision machining
  • Unconventional manufacturing technolo-gies (electrochemical machining, electro-discharge machining, laser machining of difficult to cut materials, hybrid processes)
  • Modelling of unconventional manufacturing processes



Sebastian Skoczypiec, Assoc. Prof., PhD, DSc.
The Institute of Production Engineering
Cracow University of Technology
Al. Jana Pawla 11 37, 31-864 Krakow, Poland


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