Low energy building design and thermal refurbishment of existing buildings.


Department of Building and Building Physics
Faculty of Civil Engineering
Cracow University of Technology


Our main goals

Tools and good practice procedures for low energy building design, enabling to reduce demand on heat-ing and prevent cooling demand while maintaining high indoor air quality.

Because of the big volume of poor quality prefabri-cated apartment buildings, that still exist in Poland, one of our goals is also to elaborate a scenario of holistic revitalisation of those buildings in accord-ance with the requirements of sustainable develop-ment.

Specific research interests:

Low energy building: passive solar energy use, rational window sizing strategy, passive meas-ures of indoor climate control to avoid overheat-ing, influence of thermal storage on heating and cooling demand, use of PCM to reduce demand on cooling energy, air tightness of building. Inte-grated approach to low energy building design. Design tools for low energy integrated design.

Thermal refurbishment of the existing buildings: reduction of thermal losses, air tightness control, maximization of solar gains, moisture aspects of thermal refurbishment, building shell diag-nostics in-situ, protection against overheating.

Modeling and simulation of building components and the whole objects (EnergyPlus). Experimental testing in climate chamber and in-situ. Infrared diagnostics and testing. quantitative infrared testing.

At present, the main and unique thermal re-search facility of the department is the climate chamber with hot-box, sample dimension 1.8 by 1.8 m. This chamber is not only used for a standard steady state testing but also for dy-namic tests (e.g. PCM use efficiency). Besides, we use dozens of standard research equipment, as thermal imaging cameras, thermal conduct-ance meters, thermal comfort meter etc.



Tomasz Kisilewicz, Ph.D.,
Associate Professor Department of Building and Building Physics,
Faculty of Civil Engineering,
Cracow University of Technology


Phone: +48 502302952
Email: tkisilew@pk.edu.pl

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