Modular Building R&D Lab


Modular Building R&D
Lab Faculty of Architecture
Cracow University of Technology


The Modular Building Research & Development Laboratory (ModularLab) is:

  • the project ‘umbrella’ that covers a wide range of interdisciplinary activities, including the design, research, prototyping, teaching, and training that refer to the topic of off-site construction, modular architecture, modular urbanism, and innovation in design processes;
  • the result of a collaboration between science and industry the Faculty of Architecture of the Cracow University of Technology (FACUT) and the company, BrilliantModule Ltd. (Diamond-Module);
  • the mobile modular office that the team designed and built; it consists of students and employees from the FACUT, as well as experts from the company (it will soon be located on the historical grounds of the FACUT);
  • a creative space of innovative techno-logical exchange that promotes the col-laboration of industry and academia


  • To conduct research that will be implemented and utilized by industry partners
  • To stimulate interdisciplinary dialogue between students, researchers, and industry stakeholders interested in modular and off-site construction
  • To build and broaden awareness of the pos-sibilities and benefits of using modular technol-ogy in architecture and urban design
  • To encourage students and researchers to search for innovative applications

Current Topics:

  • modular social housing for refugees in Ger-many,
  • socio-spatial innovations – modular kinder-garden,
  • senior-housing unit,
  • relocatable modular building in the historical context of Cracow.

We are a highly experienced team of scientists and practitioners that actively collaborates with international experts representing business, industry, academia, and non-governmental organizations. If you are looking for contractors, project partners, or would like to join a research team, please contact us.



Ewelina Woiniak-Szpakiewicz, Ph.D. M.Sc. Arch.
ul. Podchoraych 1, 30-084 Krak6w, Poland


Phone: +48 662 542 580

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