The Geotechnical Laboratory


The Geotechnical Laboratory
Department of Environmental Engineering
Cracow University of Technology


The Geotechnical Laboratory at Department of Environmental Engineering of Cracow University of Technology is equipped with the following devices:

Triaxial apparatus ELE

This apparatus is designed to set strength, stiff-ness and seepage parameters of soils. Three types of triaxial tests can be conducted ie. CD, CU and UU. This apparatus consists of a pres-sure cell (up to 1700 kPa) in which soil samples with 38mm to 100mm of diameter can be tested, actuator that allows displacement controlled loading programs with 9,99999 mm/min to 0,00001mm/min speed, two oil pumps that may generate max 1700 kPa of pressure, set of sen-sors (pressure, displacement, change of volume), ADU recorder and device for water venting.

Rowe’s consolidometer (ELE)

This device allows to measure stiffness properties of soils, seepage coefficient and consolidation coefficient for different drainage and loading conditions. It allows also to measure pore wa-ter pressure at any stage of loading program. Results are registered by the ADU recorder.

Rowe’s consolidometer (ELE)
The CPTU system consists of the probe Memo-cone MKII produced by Swedish company ENVI AB (probe+recording system) and hydrau-lic actutator completed by GEOMOR-TECHNIK SP Z 0.0. company

The Memocone probe is an electric probe that registers cone resistance qc, sleeve friction fs and pore water pressure u2.

This device allows to set stratification of subsoil and to set up all major geotechnical properties like effective friction angle, undrained shear strength, densification ratio and stiffness modul



MSc. Marek Wawok
Institute of Geotechnics,
Department of Environmental Engineering
Cracow University of Technology
ul. Warszawska 24, 31-155 Cracow, Poland



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