Centre of Innovation and Technology Transfer


Centre of Innovation and Technology Transfer
Medical University of Łódź
ul. Muszyńskiego 2 , pok. 3.03
90-151 Łódź Poland
tel: +48 42 272 54 19

Using the knowledge and potential of the people, by deliberate action, we are building a bridge between science and business. We support and coordinate the directions of cooperation between these two areas, so that they complement and directly influence the economic development in the field of medicine and health. Our main role is to incubate new business ventures while providing administrative support at all stages of commercialization.
We focus on building the broader collaboration between Polish as well as foreign researchers and entrepreneurs, representing various fields. We cooperate with research centers from around the world. Our capital is the highly regarded scientific researchers conducting work in the area of: oncology, neurology, neurodegenerative diseases, biomolecular sciences, cardiology, diabetes, allergy and immunology.
In 2015 we became a part of the Knowledge and Innovation Zone. Together with the Business Incubator and the Office of Science, Strategy and Development we create an open space, we integrate people operating in the realities of modern technologies.


Technology transfer
Building management systems of intellectual property. Providing support for the Patent Commissioner. Running services for R&D. Managing projects from the level of research until commercialisation and development.
Stimulation of innovation
Through information-training activities, building networking groups, leading mentoring. Introducing creative improvements and quality. Using the external and internal sources of financing ideas. By submitting patents and granting licenses.
Entrepreneurship support
Providing space in the Business Incubator as well as the support of experts in the field of business building. Acting in the areas of start – up, spin – off and spin – out and creating new investment we are an active player in the market.
Integration of science and business
Initiating and monitoring cooperation in the area of clinical trials. Advising on obtaining approvals and permits for their operation. Assisting in the preparation of project proposals.
International cooperation
Carrying out numerous partnerships throughout Europe. Through interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge and experience. Presenting the best specialists and technologies from Polish international arena. Building a network between research centers and partners.






Email: ciitt@umed.lodz.pl,

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