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With 10 years of experience, KIM aims to align the expectations of the industry and the research and technological centres to exploit the opportunities of Open Innovation.


With 10 years of experience, KIM aims to align the expectations of the industry and the research and technological centres to exploit the opportunities of Open Innovation.

  • Expertise. We practice open innovation (technology transfer) between the industry and the research and technology centres since 2007.
  • Philosophy PULL. The driver that guides our activity with RTOs is to respond to the needs of our industrial clients, mainly large multinational companies.
  • 360º vision. We have a technological vision of the acquisition and commercialization processes of early-stage technologies and other IP assets (know-how, patents …), but also of business, financial, legal and IP models …
  • Cross innovation. We have a horizontal knowledge of the market, which allows us to reposition and transfer technologies from one industry to another.
  • Facilitators. We have extensive experience in national and international transfer financing instruments. This allows us to be able to connect public and private instruments.

We have offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Vigo and Santiago de Chile. And we are founding members of The Knowledge Agents Alliance (KAA), an international network of knowledge transfer agents.

KIM figures

945 projects carried out; 57 Current commercialisation projects; 52 technologies analysed; +800 clients

WHAT Do WE do?



Since 2012, KIM collaborates with the European Space Agency (ESA). In 2016, ESA selects KIM as the new broker in Spain. As a broker, KIM identifies the business innovations developed by the Spanish space sector as well as ESA itself, in order to market them in other sectors than space.

Roles of the Broker

ESA’s Technology Transfer broker network offers broad support to the space industry through the identification and exploitation of new business opportunities. ESA brokers also facilitate access to these technologies to the non-space industry.

  • Identify technological needs in the “non-space” sector
  • Mediating between the space industry and “non-space”
  • Offer support in the use of the ESA space solutions brand
  • Packaging the space technology offer
  • Publicize success stories
  • Facilitate access to ESA’s catalogue of technologies


  • Optimal control technology applied to the motion planning of dynamic systems

It allows one to control any dynamic system, including complex real non-linear systems. The main advantage is that it can self-adapt to changes in the controlled system. This means that, if there is a feasible solution, the controller can redefine its behaviour to take into account the modifications in the system, the sensors or even the actuators.

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  • Device & procedure to compute the magnetic disturbance associated with solar activity at mid-latitudes

This technology computes the magnetic disturbance associated with solar activity at mid-latitudes, by the LDi geomagnetic index, which is an essential element in risk management of the effects of solar activity to prepare a successful strategy. This index monitors in real time the local geomagnetic disturbance which may affect vulnerable technologies.

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KIM participates in different European projects in which we have led the communication and execution of them since 2012. The participation in this projects allows us of the creation and strengthening of our presence abroad; the exchange of knowledge; the acquisition of prestige; access to new markets; the creation of new contacts and the access to new technologies and methodologies.

Lumentile: luminous tile that combines an architectural solution, a decorative material and a lighting point. Three innovative products that create smart environments, improving the user experience.



Cost-effective construction system for lattice structures

The new mecano-like construction system comprises a simple node connector and a fast method for the assembly of lattice structures. It provides a general, fast, and cost-effective alternative to current fabrication methods because the bars, tubes, or profiles of the structure become self-clamped upon assembly while maintaining the maximum buckling performance.







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