Lublin Science and Technology Park


The Lublin Science and Technology Park S.A. was founded to facilitate the flow of knowledge and technology between science and business. Our mission is to support the development of Lublin Province by creating a platform of cooperation between Lublin universities and business and start-up owners. Our team works restlessly to help young enterpreneurs start and develop their own business and transfer technologies. We share our premises and technical infrastructure with our clients to provide the most favorable conditions to run business.

The Park was established in 2005 as a joint initiative of Lublin voivodeship local government and the University of Life Science in Lublin.


Technology Incubator, as a part of the Lublin Science and Technology Park, helps beginners-entrepreneurs to start and run their own business activities. Supporting activity includes, among others, office space rental on preferential terms together with an adequate infrastructure, access to professionally equipped rooms (conference room, offices) and the supply of wide array of advisory services including law, accountancy, marketing and preparation of business plan.


Innova-Invest Project was focused on supporting innovative enterprises creation. The support included provision of services (consulting, workshops, helping with the businessplan preparation) and financial injection to newly created enterprises in the form of acquisition of shares in the created partnership. Lublin Science and Technology Park made a capital entry in 20 companies selected from over 300 applications and 40 participants of the incubation.

Startup Platform Connect
Startup Platform Connect was addressed to originators who wish to develop their business in one of five voivodeships of the Eastern Poland microregion (Podkarpackie, Świętokrzyskie, Lubelskie, Podlaskie, Warmińsko-Mazurskie). Our institiution was one of the three animators. The main mission of the Startup Platform Connect was to assist in the creation of innovative products or services and the development of a scalable business models. The programme was opened to originators under the age of 35.

During the program Connect’s experts selected 80 projects from 752 applications. Each project had individual business incubation programme which lasted maximum 7 months. We provided the participants a place for work, accounting and legal services, and also tax consultancy. We equiped them with skills related to the development of autopresentation and public speeches. The Startup Platform Connect provided mentors who helped our participants in areas of teambuliding, development strategy and achieving the planned objectives. Some of participants were supported by Venture Capital funds.
After the completion of the business incubation programme, recommended companies had a chance to obtain a non-refundable grant for entering into the market. It was possible to receive maximum 800 000 PLN. Finally, 74 companies received positive recommendation and 34 of them obtained grants in The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP).


Lublin Design Institute was established as a part of the Lublin Science and Technology Park in June 2015 to support the development of widely understood design around Lublin region. The main objectives of the Institute include promotion of good practices in terms of visual projects and the creation of a platform for the cooperation of universities placed in Lublin, business, designers and public administration. Lublin Design Institute is planning to cooperate with entrepreneurs, cultural institutions, designers, higher education institutions and the most importantly, Polish institutions operating in the field of design.


A group of inno-brokers working in the Lublin Science and Technology Park focuses on transferring an innovative technological and scientific accomplishments to regional and transregional entrepreneurs. Moreover, inno-brokers work on innovation-related consulting, identification of research problems and searching for executives capable of solving them.





Lublin Science and Technology Park S.A. ul. Dobrzańskiego 3 20-262 Lublin


Phone: +48 815346100

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